What Are the Rarest Hot Wheels?


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Some of the rarest Hot Wheels include the 1969 “Beach Bomb” VW Bus, the 1968 Cheetah and the 1968 Camaro. These extremely rare models can sell for thousands of dollars whether in their original packaging or out of the box.

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The rarest Hot Wheels car of all is the 1969 “Beach Bomb” VW Bus with only one known copy in existence. This pink surfer van had a design flaw that prevented it from launching off the Hot Wheels Super Charger track accessory, and the design was quickly changed. The original model is estimated to be worth nearly $100,000 as of 2013.

The 1968 Cheetah ranks as another of the rarest Hot Wheels cars with an estimated value of up to $10,000 out of the box as of 2013. When the Cheetah was introduced in 1968, General Motors had already trademarked the name for a sports car and forced Mattel to rename the toy. The Cheetah had its name changed to the Python, and those few models manufactured under the original name soared in value.

The 1968 Camaro was one of the first models of Hot Wheels produced, and the enamel-white model is particularly rare. This original enamel-white Camaro was a prototype, and very few were manufactured. This is another of the most valuable Hot Wheels cars with an estimated value of around $5,000 boxed to around $1,250 unboxed as of 2013.

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