How Do You Get a Rare Moshling If You Are Not a Member?


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While there are certain rare Moshlings that are inaccessible, non-members are still able to get them if certain steps are followed. Moshlings from certain categories, such as the Spookies and the Ponies, have rare Moshlings that can be obtained through the in-game Plant method. Although it is easier to gain rare Moshlings using the in-game Mission mode, this mode is only available to members.

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The Birdie set of Moshlings is one a set that has rare Moshlings that a normal member can get using the Plant method. The single rare Moshling in this category is the Peppy, and it can only be attracted if the player grows a combination of yellow magic beans, red moon orchid and any other color moon orchid.

The Plant method of attracting Moshlings require a player to tend Moshling-bait plants until they reach maturity. At this point, the color of the Moshling plant is determined, which in turn determines what kind of Moshling will be attracted by it. Different Moshling types are attracted to a different combination of colors.

Paying members have easier access to rare and ultra-rare Moshlings, and they are also able to store up to six Moshlings in their in-game room and keep any extra they catch. Non-members are limited to only two Moshlings and are not able to store more.

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