Are There Any Rare McDonald's Toys?

There are many McDonald's toys with high values. Certain toys from McDonald's Happy Meals were only available for limited amounts of time, and as a result, they are hard to obtain and considered collectibles.

In 1979 McDonald's started its Happy Meal program. A Happy Meal is a kid's meal that comes with a toy related to a current movie, TV show or other piece of pop culture. The most collectible Happy Meal toys are the ones from the "Sonic the HedgeHog" series, the "Super Mario Brothers" series, the "He-Man" series, the Marvel Comics series and the "Shrek" series. These toys can be highly valuable based on their condition and age.

There have been many other collectible toys as well. For example, there was a limited-run toy called the Ronald McDonald Mask in 1974. It actually came out before the Happy Meal program began and, as a result, is very valuable. In fact there are many toys that came out before the Happy Meal program began. Another example is the Ronald McDonald doll from 1970. These dolls are now very rare.

There are many Disney series that have collectible toys. These include the "Jungle Book" series, the "Little Mermaid" series and the "Cars" series.