How Do I Get the Rare Candies in the Game "Pok?mon Ruby"?


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There are 10 rare candies to be found in Pok?mon Ruby. Players can find them hidden along some of the game's numbered routes and also in the Shoal Cave and Mt. Pyre. The rare candies can also be achieved through trades with other players who have them.

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The Itemfinder is very helpful in uncovering some of the rare candies. Using it in an area will direct the player to nearby hidden treasures. The Itemfinder is obtained by defeating Professor Birch's child (Brendan or May) in a battle at Route 110.

The rare candies can be found hidden on Routes 108, 110, 111, 119, 120 (contains two), 123 and 132, as well as in the Shoal Cave and on Mt. Pyre. Many of them are not visible and are hidden on rocks, which is where the Itemfinder comes in handy. Many of the candies also require other items or abilities to reach them. For example, players need the Go-Goggles to find a rare candy hidden in the desert and a bike to reach the rare candy hidden along Route 119.

Rare candies can also be traded between players. Pok?mon creatures with the "Pick Up" ability also have a very small chance of finding one randomly at the end of each battle. Rare candies raise a Pok?mon's level by one and increase the creature's happiness rating.

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