What Are Some Rare 1965 Coins?

What Are Some Rare 1965 Coins?

The most commonly talked about rare coins from 1965 include the silver dime and the Kennedy half dollar. There are also several coin denominations with printing errors that are very valuable to coin collectors.

The 1965 silver dime is considered a worthy piece to any coin collection due to the fact that silver had been removed from coin production the same year. These are a rare mistake with some tell-tale signs. Silver dimes have a silver edge and weigh approximately 2.5 grams, while a normal copper/nickel dime has brown edging from age and weigh approximately 2.27 grams.

The Kennedy half-dollar is another rare coin from the year 1965. This is due to the 40 percent silver composition that still fetches good prices with collectors and investors alike.

As with any other year, coins with mistakes made during the minting process are extremely valuable. EBay.com has many coins from 1965 that have silhouettes overlapping with words and flat edges where the machinery clamped incorrectly.

Prices on all rare coins vary depending on current silver prices, rarity, condition and desirability in the market. It is advised on websites such as CoinsOnline.com that potential rare coins be seen by a professional coin grading service to determine the exact value of any coin.