What Are Some Random Funny Facts?

What Are Some Random Funny Facts?

Some funny facts focus on the oldest condom in history, a cheese that's so potent it contains maggots and a reindeer that lived onboard a British submarine. In addition, some historical facts are funny.

The oldest condom found dates back to the 1640s. Unlike modern condoms, its primary materials derive from fish and animal intestines.

One of the world's strongest cheeses, casu marzu, comes from Sardinia. The cheese is so potent that it comes with maggots that can jump as high as 5 inches.

During World War II, a fully grown reindeer named Pollyanna lived aboard a British submarine. The Soviet navy donated the reindeer to the British navy, and it subsequently shared the crew's living conditions for six weeks. While living on the submarine, Pollyanna regularly escaped into the galley and enjoyed consuming Carnation tinned milk.

Shortly after following Neil Armstrong onto the moon, Buzz Aldrin became the first person to urinate there. Aldrin, who stepped onto the moon around 15 minutes after his colleague, created his own historic moment by using a special bag stowed in his suit.

In 1567, a man with a record-breaking beard met his end after tripping over it while running away from a fire. His name was Hans Steininger, and the beard was about 4 1/2 feet long.