How Do I Get to Rainbow Island 8?


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In Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, there is no way to access Rainbow Islands 8 and 9. The Sevii Isles are seven islands open to the player after defeating the Elite Four. Although only seven islands are accessible to the player, the game data includes map information about islands 8 and 9. However, two other islands, Birth Island and Navel Rock, are accessible by using event items.

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After defeating the leader at the Cinnabar Gym, the player is granted access to the first of the Sevii Isles. However, after defeating the Elite Four, Celio meets the player at Rainbow Island 1 and provides the player with the Rainbow Pass. This key item grants access to the remaining six islands. Although analysis of the game's location name index pointers reveals data about five other islands, only Rainbow Islands 8 and 9 have any map data. Furthermore, this map data was unused in the final release of the game. The only two other islands accessible around the Sevii Isles are Birth Island and Navel Rock. At Birth Island, the player encounters Deoxys in either its attack or defense form depending on the game version At Navel Rock, the player encounters both Lugia and Ho-Oh.

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