How Do You Rack a Pool Table?


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To rack a game of eight-ball pool, place the 15 colored balls into the triangular rack. Once filled, position the rack over the foot spot.

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  1. Add the balls

    Put the rack onto the table, and place the 15 colored balls in the triangle. Place the eight-ball in the center position. Other than placing a solid ball in one corner and a striped ball in the opposite corner, the order or position of the other balls does not matter. Press the balls tightly together to create a solid rack.

  2. Position the rack

    Place the base of the triangle parallel to the short end of the pool table. The ball at the top point of the triangle should be positioned over the center of the foot spot. Flaws in some pool tables prevent the rack from be positioned over the foot spot, so official rules allow for the rack to be placed within a dime's distance of the spot.

  3. Begin the game

    Remove the rack. The balls should remain in contact with one another. If the balls are touched or moved after the rack has been removed, the player must re-rack the balls. To begin the game, place the cue ball anywhere behind the head string, which is the quarter of the pool table furthest from the rack.

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