What Are Some Race Car Games for Kids?


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Some race car games for kids are "Traffic Slam 2," "Street Hawk" and "Code Car Chaos." These games provide racing fun for the players online for free.

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In "Traffic Slam 2," the players must avoid the police and make it to the finish line before the car crashes and burns. This is a timed game, and the dynamite goes off if the level is not completed in the allotted time. The players can run into coins and energy boosts along the way to earn cash and get an extra boost of speed.

Players race against the clock in "Street Hawk." This game provides the players with a car that runs on the road and flies through the air when the road disappears. The players drive their cars around the track picking up coins and bolts of lightning, which provide additional speed, while avoiding the barrels of oil.

After selecting the color and type of car in "Code Car Chaos," the player selects the skill level and number of desired laps for her race. The player must change lanes and tag cars to get an energy boost. In a twist, the tagged cars become dangerous after tagging and need to be avoided for the rest of the race.

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