Which Quizzes Try Tell You What Kind of Animal You Are?


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Quizony.com, SpiritAnimal.info and AnimalInYou.com are three websites that offer quizzes to determine the animal that best corresponds to the personality of the user. Each quiz varies in length and question complexity, but all are free.

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Quizony's quiz is called "What Animal Are You" and asks the user 29 questions to identify his corresponding animal. Questions ask about such things as the user's dream job and sleep schedule. A disclaimer on the site warns users that the quiz is not based on any scientific study and is only for fun. The results of the quiz reveal an animal and a short description of its characteristics.

SpiritAnimal.info has a quiz called the "Spirit Animal Quiz." The user views 14 statements and indicates whether each statement is very accurate, fairly accurate, somewhat inaccurate or very inaccurate. The results of the quiz name the spirit animal of the quiz taker, describe its characteristics and provide a spirit animal profile.

AnimalInYou.com has a nine-question quiz that determines the animal that best aligns to the user's personality. The quiz is based on the book,"The Animal in You" by Roy Feinson, and was featured on CNN, "Dr. Phil" and "The Talk." The quiz asks the user to rate himself in nine categories, including intelligence, athletic ability and aggression level. The results assign an animal, three key adjectives and a description of the animal's significance.

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