How Do You Quilt With a Machine?

How Do You Quilt With a Machine?

To quilt using a machine, begin by selecting a few different fabrics. Choose one multi-colored print to start, and select prints that complement it. You can use an ordinary sewing machine for the project.

Once you have selected your fabrics, cut them, and construct your quilt tops. For every row, use your machine to stitch each quilt to the next using a straight stitch and 1/4-inch inseam. Then, press seams on every row flat, and match a row to the row below. Pin the right sides together, and machine stitch using a straight stitch and a 1/4-inch inseam.

For your quilt border, cut four 5-inch-wide strips of fabric, and machine stitch them along the borders using a 1/4-inch inseam. Press all border seams in the same direction.

Iron your backing material, and lay it flat in an open, flat space with the right side down. Then, lay your batting on top and your quilting top on top of the batting with the right side up. Ensure there are no wrinkles.

Baste your quilt using safety pins or a basting spray. Then, quilt 1/4 inch off of each seam, in either direction, before sewing around the perimeter of the quilt in preparation for binding. Create your binding, and sew it around the edges.