What Are Some Quilt Binding Tips?


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Quilt binding tips include trimming the lining even with the top and keeping the quilt corners at 90-degree angles. Another quilt binding tip is to cut binding strips on crosswise fabric grain so they measure 2 1/2 inches wide.

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Quilt binding involves first removing all safety pins and cutting binding strips. Position the strip ends perpendicular to one another so that they form the letter "L." Join the strips together by the ends and stitch diagonally. Cut any excess cloth, press the seam allowances together and fold the binding cloth in half.

Fold the binding edge cloth's top edge over and lay it on the right side of the quilt. Begin stitching at the end of the quilt binding about 6 to 8 inches below the pin. Stop sewing and switch to backstitching when the needle is 1/4 inch from the corner. Cut the threads and repeat with all corners of the quilt.

When all corners are completed, position both binding ends in an "L" position again and trim diagonally along the binding strips. Pin the edges so the binding does not twist out of alignment during the final stitching process. Finger press the seam so it stays open and refold the binding in half once more before stitching it to the quilt.

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