What are some quick and easy costume ideas?


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Some quick and easy costume ideas are a runaway bride, a tourist and a farmer. A few others are a birdwatcher, an identity thief, a painter and a super sports fan.

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For the runaway bride costume, wear a formal dress and a veil along with a pair of running shoes. To create an easy tourist costume, put on khaki pants or shorts, a floppy hat and some sunglasses. A fanny pack and socks with sandals complete the look nicely. To make a quick farmer costume, put on overalls, a straw hat and a flannel shirt. Put some seed packets or garden tools in your pockets for added effect.

An easy birdwatcher costume can consist of a jacket, brimmed hat and a pair of binoculars worn around the neck. Stick a bird identification guide in your pocket if one is available. For the identity thief costume, simply fill out several name tag stickers with different names. Then, place them all over yourself. To make a super easy painter costume, splatter some paint on a shirt or smock and carry around a paintbrush as a prop. To be a super sports fan, wear lots of sports team-related gear, such as jerseys and ball caps. Top this costume off with team logo face paint and a foam finger.

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