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Major tasks in "Monkey Madness" include completing a picture puzzle, escaping from jail, navigating a dangerous underground maze, crafting a monkey disguise, stealing a monkey from the zoo and defeating a level-195 jungle demon. "Monkey Madness" is a master RuneScape quest requiring players to investigate the disappearance of a gnome squadron and infiltrate Ape Atoll, an island controlled by monkeys and apes, according to Sal's Realm of RuneScape.

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"Monkey Madness" is a difficult, combat-heavy quest that players can only start after completing prerequisite quests, "Tree Gnome Village" and "The Grand Tree." King Narnode Shareen asks the player to visit a Karamjan shipyard to find the 10th Squad. The player is sent to an unexplored atoll, but before embarking, must solve a puzzle of sliding picture squares to find the initialization code and travel by gnome glider.

On Ape Atoll, players in human form are frequently attacked, poisoned and captured, and every time they are caught, players must carefully sneak past ape guards to escape the prison. The majority of the quest involves making a M'speak Amulet and Monkey greegree, allowing the player to avoid attack by changing to monkey form. One of the most dangerous parts of the quest requires repeated trips through a lengthy maze overrun with zombie monkeys and full of hazardous falling rocks. Rewards include a total of 55,000 experience points in four skills, 10,000 in gold and three quest points.

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