What Are Some Questions That Could Be on a BFF Quiz for Kids?


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According to Nick.com, some questions that could be on a best friend forever quiz for kids are: "How long have you and your bestie been friends?" and, "What's your absolute favorite thing to do with your BFF?" as well as, "It's your BFF's birthday, what do you get them?"

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There are a total of 10 multiple choice questions to ask a BFF on the Nickelodeon site. It claims to find out which Nickelodeon pair two BFFs are most like, such as Sanjay and Craig or Sam and Cat. Other questions include: "What one word best describes your BFF?" and "How often do you and your BFF argue?"

FunQuizCards.com has nine BFF questions that are answerable by "yes" or "no." Some questions are: "Do you know more things about each other than anybody else?" and, "Have both of you been on camps or vacations together?" "Is your most cherished possession gifted to you by your friend?" and, "Do you know things about your friend, which even his/her parents don't know?" are also on the list, as well as, "Can you tell his favorite food, color, place, movie, and everything else?"

BFF friendships are described as intimate, trusting and enduring, because contact between the friends is constant and based on shared experiences, such as going to the same school.

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