What Are Some Qualities of the Best Metal Detector for Coins?


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An informative electronic display and pinpoint control are key features in a high-quality metal detector for coins. Pinpoint control allows the user to find the exact location of the target under the coil, making it much easier to locate when digging.

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If the soil in the area has high mineral concentration or has salt water, a ground balance control to filter out the mineral noise is very important. While a medium-sized coil is best for most situations, a larger coil will allow deeper ground penetration. A smaller coil will allow you more precision if objects are close together. The weight of the detector is also a factor; bulky detectors become tedious to carry. It is important to consider the area to be searched.

Modern metal detectors like the Garrett AT Pro are fully submersible, which may be a necessary feature for some locations. Convertible detectors are also available, where the detecting coil can be removed from the pole mount and be used to hand sweep areas for more accurate detecting in hard to reach areas. Body mount and other harness kits are available and can be used with most detectors. These accessories prevent fatigue and provide a more enjoyable metal hunting experience.

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