What Are Some Qualities to Look for in a Good Remote Control Truck?

What Are Some Qualities to Look for in a Good Remote Control Truck?

Good quality remote control trucks have a long battery life, are durable and waterproof, and have replacement parts available. The trucks may have articulated front and rear suspension, more than one motor and multiple channel transmitters.

In high-quality remote control trucks, multiple motors control either steering or driving. Internal cooling fans keep the motors from overheating. A waterproof casing protects the motors from water and mud and the addition of a waterproof receiver allows the use of the trucks in any weather. A four-wheel drive transmission is housed in a protective casing. Four-wheel drive allows the truck to steer better in all conditions.

Long battery life is an important feature. Remote control trucks take either replaceable alkaline batteries, usually size AA, or rechargeable NiMh batteries. Tires with deep tread allow the trucks to be driven off-road on rough terrain.

High-quality remote control trucks have parts that can be replaced when they malfunction. Motors, transmissions, suspension and gears can all be replaced or upgraded. Tires and wheels are also upgradeable on higher quality trucks.

A servo is a device that controls the vehicle's steering. Servos are available in either analog or digital versions. Higher quality remote control trucks have more accurate, more expensive digital servos.