What Is the Best Pvp Hunter Pet in World of Warcraft?


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The best PVP hunter pets in World of Warcraft are boars, spiders, condors, bats, eagles and other tamable animals with the Cunning specialization category. These pets have formidable offensive and defensive abilities that are useful in battlegrounds, arena events and individual combat scenarios. They are also popular choices for questing and raiding.

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Cunning pets possess several important passive skills. The Boar's Speed skill increases the pet's movement speed by 30 percent, and the Cornered skill increases its damage potential when it is seriously wounded.

Cunning pets also have valuable instant-cast abilities. For example, the Dash ability increases the pet's running speed by 80 percent for 15 seconds. After activating this ability, players must wait 32 seconds before activating it again. Another important instant-cast ability is Roar of Sacrifice, which gives a friendly target a 15-second reprieve from critical strike damage. The pet takes a portion of the damage the target player receives while Roar of Sacrifice is active.

One of the most important instant-cast spells available to cunning pets is the Bullheaded ability. This ability reduces the damage the pet receives and releases it from slowing and immobilizing effects. It also dispels all other effects that temporarily disable, distract or disorient the pet. This ability has a 3-minute cooldown timer.

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