What Are Some Puzzle Categories on Jigzone?

What Are Some Puzzle Categories on Jigzone?

Puzzle categories on JigZone include Animals, Art, Flowers & Gardens, Ocean Life and Nature Scenes. The site divides each category into multiple sub-categories. A full list of categories and puzzles is available on JigZone.com, as of 2015.

To view puzzle categories, visitors to JigZone.com should click More Puzzles to view the site's Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery. The gallery displays each category with a picture of that category. It also has a side menu with all the categories and sub-categories.

JigZone posts a new puzzle every day. Registered users of the site receive the puzzle of the day by email, although they have the option of unsubscribing from these emails. JigZone members can upload their own photos to use as puzzles, compete with friends and configure the daily puzzle. After uploading a photo as a puzzle, members can send it as an email postcard or use it on a website.

JigZone puzzles are between six and 247 pieces. The user selects the size of the puzzle. Each puzzle has a timer that tracks how long it takes the user to complete it. To pause the timer, the user clicks on it.

Puzzle pieces are always aligned correctly, so the site doesn't have a rotation feature. Pieces are sometimes located underneath other pieces. The user reveals the lower piece when he moves the top piece or shuffles the pieces.