How Do You Put Games Onto a PSP Memory Stick?

Various types of content, including games, are stored on the Memory Stick Duo. Data can be transferred to the Memory Stick from your computer and then accessed on the PSP.

  1. Check the storage

    Ensure there is enough memory space available on the Memory Stick for the game files you wish to transfer. To check the storage availability, insert the Memory Stick into the PSP, then select Photo, Music, Video or Game from the home menu. The available space is shown as Free Space.

  2. Connect the Memory Stick to a computer

    If there is a compatible slot available, plug the Memory Stick directly into the computer. Otherwise, you might need a Memory Stick media adaptor.

  3. Browse to the Memory Stick media on your computer

    Use the computer's operating system to navigate to the Memory Stick. Once there, locate the appropriate folder for the content type you wish to transfer.

  4. Move the files to the Memory Stick

    Use your computer's operating system to copy the desired files to the appropriate folder on the Memory Stick. Wait for the file transfer to complete, then close the window showing the Memory Stick's contents.

  5. Safely remove the Memory Stick

    Use the computer's operating system to safely remove the Memory Stick from the computer before unplugging it. This reduces the chance of data corruption.

  6. Put the Memory Stick back into the PSP

    The PSP may take a few moments to process the new data. Once it is ready, navigate the PSP's menu to view the newly loaded data. Most games that are not downloaded directly from the PSN store are in .ISO format and require you to install a custom framework to access. This is not recommended, as it may cause your PSP to malfunction.