What Is the Purpose of Roblox Cheat Codes?


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All cheating in Roblox falls into two categories: internal game glitches or modification of the game's parameters and memory using a separate program. The primary purpose of exploiting these cheats is to award player characters with artificially altered in-game resources such as improved levels, experience, and money.

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The exploitation of internal glitches in Roblox often result in superficial changes to a character such as missing arms and legs, altered clothing, or compromised animations. The cheats can also cause aberrant environment interaction, such as characters reaching through walls or floating off of the ground. Altering the game parameters with an outside program such as Cheat Engine allows the direct modification of primary game statistics such as experience and money. If Roblux administration finds a player to be altering the game with an outside program, punishments range from a temporary ban and seizure of in-game assets to a permanent ban from the game.

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