What Is the Purpose of Cheat Engine 5.5?


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The purpose of Cheat Engine regardless of its version is to modify mostly single player games so that the users can make them easier or harder depending on their preferences. The tool provides several other functions that can help with debugging or altering aspects of games and applications in general.

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Cheat Engine is an open-source tool primarily used for cheating in video games. It also helps users avoid detection. However, its main use is for single player games, while its use in multiplayer settings is discouraged. Another functionality of the tool is code injection, which allows users to inject code within other applications and tamper with their aspects.

The use of the tool is not considered easy because it depends on experience and highly related to hacking. What Cheat Engine does is teach the user to find out what the problem is and how to solve it. This process requires a lot of practice, and the tool gives users glimpses of more advanced hacking techniques. Using Cheat Engine, problems that once appeared impossible can finally have a solution, and users get the thrill of solving these complex problems either within a game environment or within any other kind of application.

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