How Do You Purchase Replacement Parts for an Older Singer Sewing Machine?

Depending on how old your Singer sewing machine is, parts for older sewing machines may be available from selected Singer service centers. Service center contact information is available on as of November 2015. Older Singer sewing machine parts not available through the service centers may be available on or

Before contacting a vendor for older Singer sewing machine replacement parts, it is important to know the specific part you need to order. Navigate to the Singer replacement parts charts page on, make sure you select Sewing Machines, select the model number category from the pull-down menu, and click Go. Click on the model number PDF link for the parts chart. The PDF document gives a schematic drawing of the sewing machine and a list of parts, including the part number and description.

If you cannot get the part you need from a Singer service centers, has a page that is dedicated to antique sewing machine parts. Enter the part number or part description in the search box at the top of the page, and click Search. The search may be limited by all listings, auctions or Buy It Now. also has a sewing machine accessory category where you can search for Singer sewing machine parts.