What Are Some Puppy Games for Kids?


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There are many video games available on the market with puppies, although most that allow you to play with a puppy will be on the Nintendo systems, on the PC, or in an app store. My New Puppy and Nintendogs are two game franchises that offer puppy play.

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What Are Some Puppy Games for Kids?
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The video game market is a very large market and although many games feature dogs, few allow you to really play with them. However, there are several websites such as miniclip.com and disneychannel.com that host games that allow you to play with puppies, such as the ever popular My New Puppy. The Nintendo gaming systems like the Wii U and the DS have a more wide variety of video games available, with several large franchises such as Nintendogs. Puppy games are also available on phones, tablets, and any other technology that uses apps. Laugh and Learn Puppy's Player is a popular puppy game in the Google Play app store.

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