What Are Some Pumpkin Painting Patterns?


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Examples of pumpkin painting patterns include candy corn pumpkins, chalkboard pumpkins, spatter ware pumpkins and painted owl pumpkins. These pumpkin painting patterns do not require carving or cutting and are therefore safe for young children.

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To make painted owl pumpkins, first paint the chosen pumpkins solid white or black. Then, using a permanent market, draw large circles for the owl eyes, a triangle for the beak and ovals for the wings. Decorate the owl with swirls, stars, waves or flowers depending on preference. Use a silver permanent market on a black pumpkin, and a black one on a silver pumpkin.

Make chalkboard pumpkins by painting a pumpkin with chalkboard paint. Once dry, use chalk to decorate the pumpkin temporarily. Change the decorations when desired. Similarly, make spatter ware pumpkins by first painting a pumpkin a solid color such as red, white or yellow. Splatter the pumpkin with other colors to make random patterns.

Create candy corn pumpkins by first painting the entire pumpkin white. Paint a stripe of orange in the middle of the pumpkin and a stripe of yellow at the bottom. The stripes should grow larger at the bottom, just like real candy corn. Using a clean sponge, smudge the edges between the colors for smooth lines.

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