What Is a PSN Code Generator?

A PSN code generator works by randomizing numbers and letters to create a code that allows an individual to purchase downloadable content from Sony's Playstation Store. A PSN is the code on the Playstation cards that is available in most stores around the world.

The problem is that there are no PSN code generators that are legitimate. It's almost always someone trying to make money by taking advantage of young gamers. The younger games who do not have a way to earn money try to find free PSN codes on the Internet, which leads them to countless websites offering a PSN code generator, according to 1UP.com. When an individual visits one of these sites to download the program, the site asks that they complete a survey or complete an offer for a product in order to receive the code generator. The surveys and offers are created to make money, but the money goes back to the owner of the website rather than the person who thinks they are getting the program.

There are only two ways that a person can legitimately get free PSN codes on the Internet. The codes can be earned by joining a Get Paid To or GPT site which allows people to earn PSN codes as well as other prizes by completing offers. PSN codes can also be earned by referring a certain amount of people to join the GPT site.