What Do You Do When Your PS3 Says That You Have Been Signed Out of a Network?

The message that says the user has been signed out of the network typically means that the PS3 has lost its connection to the Internet. This may be a problem with the modem or personal network the PS3 is using to access the Internet, or a problem with the hardware inside the console.

  1. Check the Internet connection

    Try to connect a computer or other device to your local network. If the connection is not successful, the problem may be related to the network itself. Contact the Internet service provider to resolve the connection issue.

  2. Access the PSN menu

    If another device connects successfully to the Internet, then the issue is most likely related to the PS3, in which case it is necessary to reconnect manually. According to the PlayStation 3 manual, this can be done by accessing the PSN menu. Press the "PlayStation" button on the controller and scroll to the right to find the icon labeled "PSN." This icon is also available from the home screen that appears when you first turn on the console.

  3. Attempt to sign in again

    Select the "Sign In" option from the menu. Type in an e-mail and password if the data are not automatically saved by the system. Then select the "Sign In" button.