When was the PS3 released?


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The PS3 was released in November 2006. The model that followed the PS3, the Playstation 4, was released in November 2013.

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Playstation generally stays within the same time range when they release their new products. The company favors the month of November and the majority of Playstation models have been released during the middle of the month. Games and accessories are usually released at the same time to make it easier for gamers to begin playing their new Playstation model as soon as they purchase it on the release date.

The official release of the PS3 began in Japan on November 11th. It was then released into the American market on the 17th. The company had trouble producing enough diodes for the Blu-ray player, which delayed the release of the product in other countries. Some countries, including the ones in the European market, were not able to get the PS3 until the first half of 2007. The original release of the PS3 in the United States saw many disappointed customers because around 40 percent of the units that were supposed to be shipped were not shipped out and people had to wait until months after the release date to receive their system.

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