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A versatile and basic Protoss build order that works well against all races in "StarCraft II" involves building nine drones and creating a pylon for additional supplies. Follow this up by building a gateway, two assimilators, another pylon and a cybernetics core. From here the player can choose one of three popular routes: gateway aggression, tech or expansion.

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The basic Protoss build order serves as a template that allows the player to develop his own opening tactics over time. To a new "StarCraft II" player, creating a customized build order is a confusing process, which is why OsirisSC2Guide.com suggests watching professional replays and learning from their tactics.

Many build orders in "StarCraft II" are race-specific, meaning that tactics change based on whether the opponent is playing as Terran, Zerg or Protoss. While memorizing and drilling these build orders may seem overwhelming, OsirisSC2Guide.com recommends picking one build order for each race and practicing until proficiency is reached.

For beginners, OsirisSC2Guide.com suggests three build orders: the Immortal/Sentry All-In, the proxy Oracle rush and the Dark Templar rush to handle Zerg, Terran and Protoss opponents respectively. All three of these build orders rely heavily on timing during the early stages of "StarCraft II."

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