How Do You Properly Tie a Yo-Yo String to a Yo-Yo?


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A yo-yo string is made up of two strands which can be untwisted to form a loop. This loop can be slipped over the yo-yo onto its axle where the two strands twist back together to reform the yo-yo string.

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  1. Untwist the strands

    Untwist the two strands of yo-yo string by rolling them apart using your fingers. Do this until the string forms a loop large enough for half of the yo-yo.

  2. Loop the string onto the axle

    Keep the loop open with one hand while slipping the yo-yo through the loop. Place the loop over the axle of the yo-yo.

  3. Retwist the strands

    Pull the yo-yo to the side, hold the string, and let the strands twist back together.

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