What Is the Proper Distance Between a Dartboard and the Throwing Line?


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According to the official rules of darts, the minimum throwing distance is 2.37 meters, or 7 feet, 9 1/4 inches, from the face of the board. The throwing line should be at least 18 inches long.

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Additionally, the dartboard should be hung so the center of the bull's eye is exactly 5 feet, 8 inches high. This is generally the correct height for a 6-foot-tall man. The board is called a "clock" board and is 18 inches in diameter. If soft-tip darts are used, the throwing distance is 8 feet. The board should be mounted flush to the wall. Sometimes darts bounce off the board, so it should never be hung hear anything breakable or near where anyone may walk in the line of fire.

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