What Are Some Prominent "Minecraft" Seeds?


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Spawning next to an exposed stronghold containing minerals and shelter is a helpful and popular "Minecraft" seed. Spawning near a mega mountain region, which provides plenty of resources and a view from above the clouds, is another useful seed. The most prominent seeds usually involve spawning as close to important resources as possible.

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The majority of seeds are geared toward getting off to the best start, with ample shelter, nutrition, minerals and raw materials near the spawn point. Others are just for fun, such as a seed that creates a field full of bunny rabbits. There are thousands of "Minecraft" seeds, with new seeds becoming available all of the time.

The codes for seeds are different for various "Minecraft" editions and versions within those editions, so players must research the specific code for the version they are using. For example, the code for spawning next to a ravine is 9057352651117540831 for version 1.2, but it is 1111 for version 1.8.1. Codes also vary between the editions for different platforms, such as Xbox, PC or Pocket. Some seeds become obsolete as new, improved seeds become available, and it is also worth noting that some may be more interesting in one version than in another.

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