What Are Projects That Use Paper Weaving?


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Projects that use paper weaving include wall-hangings, decorations and placemats. These simple projects require only a selection of colored paper, scissors, glue and a ruler.

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One of the many projects that can be made from weaving paper is the paper placemat. These can be personalized for various occasions or seasons of the year by using different colors. For instance, orange, yellow and brown paper make great autumn or harvest-themed placemats.

In order to make placemats, a crafter chooses at least three different colors of construction paper or card stock. The first step is to fold one piece of paper in half. This is the base of the placemat through which the other pieces of paper are woven. A 1-inch border around the edges of the paper needs to be left intact, and the crafter needs to measure and cut slits in the paper every inch, making sure to never cut beyond the border. Next, the two other pieces of paper need to be cut in strips that are 1-inch wide.

Starting with one corner of the placemat flush against the border, the crafter secures the end of one of the strips of paper, passing the rest of it through each slit in the paper so that it goes over and under the paper in between. The process is repeated with another strip of paper right next to the first strip, gluing the ends of the paper strips to the edges of the base. The second strip needs to be woven in the opposite direction so that where the first strip went down through the slit, the second strip goes up and over. Repeat this process with alternating colors through the length of the placemat.

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