What Are Some Projects Suited for Charisma Yarn?

Charisma yarn is a soft, bulky yarn suitable for wearable projects, such as shawls, fingerless gloves, sweaters, cowls, hats and throws. A shawl is either a traditional lacy crochet design or a tighter stitch that provides more warmth.

Fingerless gloves protect against the cold while allowing full use of fingers. Both adults and children find the gloves suitable for inside and outside wear. The softness of Charisma yarn makes it appropriate for sweaters, such as pullovers and baby clothes. Baby sweaters typically have buttons to make them easier to put on and remove.

Many hat patterns are appropriate for Charisma yarn. Children and adult berets, beanies, animal-inspired caps, oversized slouch hats, crocheted caps and aviator-style hats are best with soft yarns. A long cowl or infinity scarf made with Charisma goes well alone or with a coordinating hat. Crochet or knitted Charisma throws or blankets, whether lap size or larger, are warm and cozy.

Made by Loops & Threads, Charisma yarn is 100 percent acrylic. It comes in both solid colors and variegated patterns. Each skein weighs 3.5 ounces and is 100 meters, or 109 yards, long. The yarn is safe in both the washer -- without bleach -- and dryer. However, ironing or dry cleaning may damage Charisma.