What Are Some "Project IGI" Cheats?

What Are Some "Project IGI" Cheats?

What Are Some "Project IGI" Cheats?

According to IGN, there are a number of cheats for the game "Project IGI: I'm Going In." While some of the cheats can be entered at the game's main menu screen and during gameplay, others require editing system files in the game directory, which can potentially damage the game. Therefore, gamers are advised to back up any system files before attempting to edit them.

To enter any of the game's more conventional cheats, first type "nada" at the main menu screen. Then, during gameplay, type in any of the following phrases to activate cheats:

"easy" - Turns on the game's Easy Mode

"allgod" - Activates God Mode (invincibility) for both the player and team.

"ewww" - Gives gamers the ability to kill enemies instantly without any effort.

"allammo" - Activates the Unlimited Ammo cheat.

"hutid" - Unlocks all weapons.

A slightly more complex trick involves editing the game's "AI" folder located within the "Common" folder in the game directory. Make a copy of this folder and then delete all of the ".qvm" files in the original folder, except for the "obsever.qvm" and "settings.qvm" files. Now copy the "observer.qvm" file multiple times and rename it to correspond with each of the deleted files, using the backup directory for reference. This changes the game's AI so that all characters act as "observers," making the player essentially invisible.