What Products Would You Find in an Annie's Craft Store Catalog?

What Products Would You Find in an Annie's Craft Store Catalog?

Annie's Craft Store's 2015 catalog, its largest to date, primarily features items for sewing, knitting, quilting and crocheting. The company also offers other craft supplies, including necessary materials for beading, needlework and paper crafts.

The first two sections in the catalog feature crochet patterns and crochet supplies. Annie's offers its own patterns for download. The company's crochet pattern selection includes scarves, ponchos and a cardigan. Instructional videos are also available for purchase on DVD. Customers can learn to crochet sweaters or lace from a DVD.

The next two catalog sections offer knitting patterns and supplies. Annie's knitting pattern selection includes blankets, slippers and sweaters. Like the crochet patterns, each knitting pattern includes a designated skill level, ranging from beginner to experienced. After the crochet and knitting sections, Annie's catalog features sixteen pages of yarn for completing their projects.

In the paper crafts section, Annie's Craft Store offers supplies for quilling, stamping and card making. Annie's catalog also contains a section for children with kits for making sand art, friendship bracelets and cross stitch. The catalog also features a number of beaded jewelry projects and the necessary supplies.

The last several sections of Annie's Craft Store catalog feature common supplies and notions for sewing, quilting and needlework. Patterns are available for sewing and quilting projects. Annie's does not offer a large fabric selection, but it does sell fabric for quilting.