What Products and Services Does Craft-A-Fair Offer?


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Craft-A-Fair offers vendors access to public events where they can sell merchandise, provides organizations with event-planning services and allows other businesses to join fairs that it schedules and organizes. Craft-A-Fair provides these services in the New York City metropolitan area.

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Craft-A-Fair offers its services to fair merchandisers and organizers for fees that vary depending on its clients' needs. For example, according to a list of business policies on its company website, merchandisers who request end or corner spaces must pay an extra fee for their locations. Additionally, the company does not grant exclusive rights to any of its vendors or merchandisers.

When organizing fairs, Craft-A-Fair typically arranges an alternate rain date in order to guarantee that the fair takes place even if bad weather prevents the company from honoring the original date. When this happens, vendors and merchandisers are obliged to arrive at the fair as agreed on the alternate date. Craft-A-Fair does not refund or credit merchandisers who do not show up when the fair takes place due to rain or bad weather cancellations. When the company does issue credit memos, they are valid only for the year issued and the following year thereafter.

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