What Are Some Products Offered by Ringside Collectibles?


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Ringside Collectables offers a variety of professional wrestling-related products, such as Mattel WWE wrestling toys, t-shirts and replica wrestling belts and gear. See all of the products they offer at RingsideCollectables.com.

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Most of the Mattel WWE wrestling toys that Ringside Collectibles offers are figurines. They offer figurines from the WWE Ringside Exclusives line such as NWO Scott Hall, American Made Hulk Hogan and Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. NWO Scott Hall comes with two elbow pads, two knee pads, a removable molded vest, a spray can and a removable molded sleeveless NWO shirt. American Made Hulk Hogan comes with a chain necklace, a white Hulkster bandana and an American-Made molded t-shirt with trademark rips in the back. Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels comes with sunglasses and a molded Shawn Michaels entrance vest. The Mattel Ringside Collectibles line is exclusive to Ringside Collectibles and not available in stores.

Ringside Collectibles offers t-shirts featuring various wrestlers and wrestling events in child and adult sizes. Replica championship belts they offer include the NXT Tag Team Championship belt, the WWE World Heavyweight belt, the WWE Late 90's rounded belt and the WWE Winged Eagle belt with a blue strap. Other replica wrestling gear Ringside Collectibles offers are masks such as the Sin Cara mask and Rey Mysterio mask. The masks are available in adult and child sizes.

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