What Are Some Products Offered by Blackriver Ramps?


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Sample items at Blackriver include fingerboards, fingerboard parts, fingerboard obstacles, full-sized skateboards and Riptape fingerboard tuning sets, as of 2015. The company is best known for its high-quality fingerboard ramps that allow fingerboarders to perform tricks similar to professional skateboarders. The Blackriver Shop has sold fingerboarding equipment and accessories since 1999.

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The Blackriver Shop carries fingerboards from a variety of manufacturers, including Bollie, Emanant and Berlinwood. It also sells fingerboard decks, which are the boards without wheels or trucks. These include the Berlinwood, Flat Face and POP brand names. Blackriver manufactures its own trucks, the piece connecting the sets of wheels, in addition to carrying Bollie trucks. It also sells Winkler, Flat Face and Bollie wheels. All of these products are available in a number of different sizes, patterns and colors.

Blackriver produces rails, ramps and concrete slabs that allow fingerboarders to perform tricks and show off their skills. The company also produces full fingerskating parks, essentially multiples of the above on one foundation to act as a unified playset. In addition to its own materials, the company also sells Bonsei concrete and Harrier ramps.

Blackriver sells full sized skateboards carrying the company's logo as an homage to the hobby that gave birth to fingerboarding. Branded T-shirts, hoodies and patches are also available.

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