What Is the Probability of Winning the Lottery?


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The probability of winning the lottery decreases with the amount of matching numbers required and the range of numbers used. For example, picking three numbers zero to nine in the correct order has 1,000 to one odds, while picking four numbers in the correct order has 10,000 to one odds.

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What Is the Probability of Winning the Lottery?
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Many large-prize lottery games are combination games where all the numbers have to match, but the order doesn't matter. The odds of winning a traditional game that involves picking six numbers from one to 48 are 12,271,512 to one. Powerball is a shared jackpot game between various U.S. lotteries with a progressive jackpot. The odds of players matching five of 59 white balls and one of 35 red balls to win the jackpot are 175,223,510 to one.

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