Are There Free Printable Dinosaur Mazes That Are Easy?

Are There Free Printable Dinosaur Mazes That Are Easy?, and offer easy and free printable dinosaur mazes. allows you to print puzzles directly from the site, while the other two websites enable you to download printable documents. offers 50 booklets of printable easy dinosaur puzzles, with each booklet containing 12 puzzles. The booklets are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents; the site, though, provides a link to download the program for users who do not already have it installed. The site also provides links to the solutions of the puzzles. Each of the puzzles on this site takes the shape of a dinosaur, with marked start and end points and a maze throughout the body. offers two dinosaur puzzles under the Easy rating. One involves finding a path from a mother dinosaur to her eggs through a maze, while the other tracks a path between a palaeontologist and a dinosaur fossil. The site offers five levels of difficulty under each puzzle. offers just one easy dinosaur puzzle. The puzzle requires the player to find a path from one dinosaur to another through a simple maze. The site offers several other maze puzzles under the Easy rating.