How Do I Get Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids?

How Do I Get Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids?

As long as you do not intend to sell or profit from the pages on the Internet, you can download and print nearly any image you wish to use as a coloring page for kids. Pages can be acquired by searching for images on the Internet, saving the images and printing them on your printer.

  1. Perform a web search for printable coloring pages

    There are many websites that contain hundreds of free coloring pages that you can download. Alternatively, you can do an advanced Google image search to find black-and-white images suitable for coloring.

  2. Save the pictures to your computer

    Save the images as clip art to ensure you always have great pictures available for kids to color. Most websites have a download feature that allows you to download an image directly into your computer's download folder. You can also right-click on most images and select "save image as" before assigning the image a name and saving it to your hard drive.

  3. Print the pictures

    Open the image you saved in a program that allows you to print one or more copies of the image. Keep in mind that some programs, like "Paint," may stretch the picture before printing it, so you might need to open the file in a Word document in order to print the image exactly as it appears on the screen.