How You Do Print Pumpkin Patterns?


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Print pumpkin carving patterns by pressing "Ctrl+P" on a Windows PC or "Command+P" on a Mac. These print command shortcuts work for illustrations in a web browser, downloaded images and most other pattern formats.

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As of July 2015, the Pumpkin Pile and Pumpkin Masters websites provide hundreds of free carving patterns. Pumpkin Masters also offers downloads for a slight fee, as well as videos, carving kits and recipes. Both websites provide downloadable PDF files that have a print button for quick printing. Since these files are designed specifically for use with pumpkins, they offer a simple way to ensure that the printed image is compatible with a standard-sized pumpkin.

Use the print shortcut to print patterns found using an image search engine. Find the desired image, click "View Image" to go directly to the page where the image is located, then press "Ctrl+P" or "Command+P." These commands produce a print page where the user can view what the finished product will look like on paper and determine how many copies to print. Images found via a search engine are not always designed with pumpkin carving in mind, so some slight adjustments may be necessary to ensure that the chosen design fits on a pumpkin.

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