How Do You Print Photos on Wood?


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Print photos on wood by printing out a picture onto a sheet of wax paper, placing the picture printed side down on a piece of wood, and smoothing a piece of hard plastic over the wax paper until the image is transferred to the wood. Alternatively, use photo transfer solution to print photos on wood.

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To print photos on wood using wax paper, reverse the image so that any words don't read backwards. Cut wax paper in an 8 1/2-inch by 11-inch rectangle. Print the photo on the sheet of wax paper, ensuring not to touch or smudge the ink. Place the wax paper printed side down on a piece of wood, and work a hard piece of plastic, such as a credit card, firmly across the image to transfer it completely to the wood. Finish by spraying the piece of wood with matte wood sealer.

To print photos on wood by using wood transfer, print the picture on a sheet of paper and make a colored photocopy. Brush photo transfer medium over the printed side of the picture, then lay it printed side down on a piece of wood. Work out any air bubbles, and allow it to dry. Using a wet sponge, carefully peel back the piece of paper, and spray the printed wood with sealer.

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