How Do You Print Your Own Cards Online?

How Do You Print Your Own Cards Online?

Crafters can personalize and print their own cards through online card making and design websites such as and These sites usually offer a mix of free and paid cards and require users to sign up for a free account.

Before designing the card, purchase some printer-sized card stock and fresh ink. Crafters may also want to create any image designs they plan to use on the card and save them in a digital format. Follow the directions below to create and print a card using Canva.

  1. Sign into Canva
  2. Go to Sign in with an existing Facebook or Google account. It is also possible to provide an email address and create a password to set up an account and sign in.

  3. Start the design
  4. Click on the More link on the right-hand side of the page under the Create a Design header. Scroll down to Events and click on Card.

  5. Create the card
  6. Click on one of the card layouts on the left side of the page to select a design. Save money by looking for layouts with the Free tag in the lower right corner; these do not cost anything to use and print out. Click on any of the text in the card layout to change it, or click on the Text menu on the left side of the page to add new text. Add the second page of the card by clicking on the Add a Page button at the bottom of the card image.

  7. Download and print
  8. Click on the Download button on the upper right side of the page when the card is finished. Choose the desired download format. Open the file on the computer and print the card out using the desired printer settings.