What Are Some Princess Games You Can Play Online?

What Are Some Princess Games You Can Play Online?

Online princess games include “Secret Sea Collection,” “Follow My Lead” and “Magic Garden Mayhem,” all of which are free to play on Disney.co.uk. “King Triton’s Tournament” is also an online Disney princess game.

“Secret Sea Collection” involves helping Princess Ariel keep her secret sea items safe by taking them to a secure location before Ursula appears. Players press the arrow keys to swim and collect bubbles and starfish to receive shields and earn extra lives.

“Follow My Lead” involves helping Princess Belle give dance lessons to the Beast. Players have five attempts to play before the end of the game. A player scores points by pressing the arrow keys to move in the order of the arrows displayed on the screens before the timer bar empties. A player can also hit the spacebar to activate an available power up that adds points and time to the game.

“Magic Garden Mayhem” requires players to help the Disney Princesses pick up the many flowers that are growing uncontrollably by matching the flowers horizontally or vertically to clear them. A player selects a setting and clicks and drags the flowers to empty tiles. A player moves to the next level after clearing a fixed number of flowers.

“King Triton’s Tournament” involves overpowering enemies to win the tournament by attacking them from above. Players select characters with special powers and click the arrow or letter keys to swim and the spacebar to activate powers.