How Are Prices for Old Wurlitzer Pianos Determined?

Age, condition and playability determine prices for old Wurlitzer pianos. Owners explore websites to understand the general value of a Wurlitzer and get an idea of prices. Additionally, showing the piano to a qualified appraiser or technician helps determine the particular piano's specific worth.

Piano appraisal does not involve blue book estimates like that of cars and trucks. Besides age and condition, factors such as geographic location and seller motivation affect a piano's price. Some websites help shed light on the worth of old Wurlitzers, and they often contain information about the instrument's origins. Wurlitzer sold pianos under several different names, so owners need to make sure they deal with the genuine article before making assumptions.

Experienced piano technicians and appraisers offer more concrete estimates about a Wurlitzer's value, although most charge a fee for their services. Piano owners should seek out a qualified technician with experience working exclusively with old Wurlitzers. These professionals have the ability to get a better sense of the piano's internal condition, examining aspects such as the finish, cabinet, hammers and strings. An experienced piano technician provides repair costs based on whether the piano needs minor or extensive repairs, cleaning, tuning or a complete overhaul.