What Are Some Pretty Angel Figurine Statues?

What Are Some Pretty Angel Figurine Statues?

Pavilion Gift Company makes two series of pretty angel figurines called Elements and Modeles, as of 2015. Demdaco's Willow Tree series is also a collection of pretty angels.

The angels in both Pavilion Gift Company's series are females. They all consist of high-quality resin and feature beautifully hand-painted details. Each one has a theme, such as faith or sympathy. Some have quotes inscribed on their skirts that reflect their themes, while others have inscriptions with generic messages to friends, mothers, grandmothers or aunts.

The Elements angel figurines have various different looks and hair colors. Each figurine has birchwood accents and pewter detailing. The angels' skirts typically have birchwood accents displaying their inscriptions.

The Modeles angels feature crisp linen textures, mosaic glass, black gems and subtle neutrals combined with embossed floral or damask patterns. Each angel has the same face shape, brown hair and red lips, but each wears a different outfit, poses in a unique way and has a different inscribed message on the linen-textured part of her skirt.

Dendaco's Willow Tree angel figurines also have resin constructions but feature metal wire wings. They have a hand-carved, wooden look. Each angel has a blank face and represents either a positive emotion or value, including love, friendship, courage and good health.