How Do You Press a Rose?

How Do You Press a Rose?

To press roses, carefully arrange the flowers between layers of tissue paper, newsprint and cardboard, then add bricks or heavy books on top. Let the roses stay pressed for two to four weeks before removing.

  1. Create a flower press

    Cut out two pieces of cardboard or wood to the size of a book. Place one piece of cardboard onto the table, and add a sheet of newspaper on top followed by a sheet of tissue paper. Arrange the roses on top of the tissue paper, and carefully spread the petals. If pressing multiple flowers, do not overlap them. Once the roses are in position, add a layer of tissue paper, followed the newsprint and another piece of cardboard or wood.

  2. Weigh down the roses

    On top of the wood or cardboard, place a couple of bricks, stones or heavy books. Let the flowers remain pressed for two to four weeks.

  3. Remove the flowers

    Once the roses are dried and pressed, remove the weights and layers of cardboard and newspaper. The flowers often stick to the tissue paper, so be careful when handling them. Use a blunt knife to gently and slowly remove them from the paper. Store in a dry location.