How Do You Press Leaves?


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To press leaves, select thin, flat and dry leaves, and position them in a single layer between two sheets of wax paper or newsprint. Place the paper inside a book, and add a few large books on top. Leave the books in a dry room for two to three weeks.

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  1. Choose the best specimens

    Select leaves that are thin and flat. Use leaves that are dry and have a low moisture content. Avoid spotty or curled leaves and ones that are damp or wet.

  2. Arrange the leaves

    Cut two pieces of newsprint or wax paper. Arrange the leaves in a single layer on one piece of paper, and place another sheet on top of the leaves.

  3. Place the leaves in a book

    Open a heavy book in the middle, and place the paper with the leaves inside the book. Add on a couple more heavy books or rocks to weigh down the leaves.

  4. Dry the leaves

    Place the stack of books in a dry room, and keep the leaves in the book for one week. Check on the leaves after a week. If the leaves have rotted, throw them out. If the leaves are progressing well, keep them in the press for another one to two weeks or until the leaves are completely dry.

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